Blerg.  I'm grouchy.  Because I wait to BEDA until now.  And I just want to sleep.  I'm sorry to cheat again, but I'm just going to throw my newest video at you and call it a night:

Another thing I'd like to share with you--Zachary Binks tweeted a link that brought me to Jeff Pianki.  I've been listening to his albums all evening.  They are very Sufjan meets Bon Iver meets a less angry Mumford and Sons.  Gorgeous.  And you can download his stuff for free.  But I'm gonna be a doll and probably give him five bucks.  Because I feel bad for snatching away someone so beautiful without a little monetary thanks.

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  1. Awhhhh Yeaaaahhhh

    London is amazing.

    You need to take lots of money.

    If you want to be able to get a job, start working on a Tier 4 Visa, though with a Tier 4 visa you aren't allowed to travel outside of the UK.

    If you want to travel anywhere you want, you'll want the student visitor visa, which allows you to go where ever you want, but you can't get a job. Dumb.

    Drink. Try a new beer at every pub. It's amazing.
    You'll probably still end up with Guinness as your favorite. I did.

    Check out the Couch Surfing meetings in London, there's a weekly meeting in Holburn and a Monthly meeting not to far from the Canon/Bank stops on the underground. It's a great place to meet people, and refreshing, cause you'll probably run in to an American. It took me a month to meet my frist american in the UK, and it was a much needed reminder.

    More soon if I can think of anything.

    Any questions? I just got back from a semester in London in Jan.


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