Bill Clinton.

I'm feeling quite ill.  Undoubtedly because my diet today has consisted of:
  • 1 iced nonfat white chocolate mocha
  • 1 blueberry oat bar
  • 2 Grandma's cookies from the vending machine
  • oodles of Easter chocolate
  • & some jelly beans
Yeah, terrrrrible idea.  This evening I found myself watching VlogCandy.  I never really watched them, maybe popped in a day or two over the past couple years.  But I've talked to Zack a couple times and saw his tweet about it being his last video, which then led me to discover that this was the last week for the channel.  And even though I was never a subscriber, it still makes me kind of sad to see things like that end.  Especially with such great, creative people.

This week on marionhoney I've decided to do a featurette to push me through the last couple days of BEDA.  So without further ado, I present...

Crushes of Honey
Which essentially boils down to me recounting people I had crushes on during childhood.

I'm told that in my wee days to toddlerdom, I was very fond of the election coverage that my parents would have on.  I'm pretty sure it was Bush Sr. vs. Clinton.  And apparently, during the debates, I would always clap when Bill came on and at one point even kissed the television set.  My yellow dog democrat mother indoctrinated me at a young age.  But you know with Bill, he always had that certain charm that breached all generations.  And to this day, even after all the skeeze, I kinda understand why baby-me had the hots for number forty-two.

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