I got a lot of comments about being a redhead today.  Random dude in the parking lot, guy (do you even go here?) on the quad.  Then that man/woman? with a protest poster that read "The Revolution is YouTube."  I yelled back that I'm already there.  Is there some sort of stigma against redheads except that they have no souls?  And as Katie the roommate pointed out, I'm not a natural redhead so it's not like I don't actually have a soul; I just wish I didn't.  Honestly, though, I'm curious--why do redheads get so many comments?  It's not like brunettes ever get the occasional "Whoaaaaa, girl, that is some brown hair on your head."  Googlin' time.

According to, people may think that I'm hot-tempered, a free spirit, and/or sexually aggressive.  Seriously, do people honestly subscribe to these kind of stereotypes over a hair color?  Because that is completely ridiculous.  Am I missing anything here?  What stereotypes have you heard about gingers?

PS:  I wrote Sanne's BEDA for Saturday.  Read it if you'd like some mush.


  1. I've heard that every full moon, gingers amass on empty fields and feast on the souls of small kittens. But hay, that's stereotypes for ya'.

  2. That's so dumb, it's like hey, in case you didn't know, you're a redhead! And it's not like super uncommon. Most people see a redhead everyday.


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