Hey BEDerp.  I got to go to a preview screening of HESHER this evening.  I guess it's going to be released in theatres soon, although I do not know how widely.  I saw it at Sundance 2010 and remember it as one of my favorites.  And then my mind was later blown when I realized that Hesher was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  This was around the time of Inception and when I finally got around to watching (500) Days of Summer.  I'm pretty sure at Sundance I was at the premiere screening in the Egyptian Theatre.  And that Joe was there.  Because I remember being surprised at how different the actor was from his character.  The hair!  It just felt like a complete transformation.

But watching it again after over a year, and now being aware of Joe's persona, and the happenstance of running into and talking to him this past fall--it felt different.  I had trouble seeing the character; I just kept seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt acting.  I was even less enthused with Natalie.  The kid was still great though.  And the film is still great.  Enough balance of quirky with silly with pretty shots of California sunshine.  I just hated that I couldn't watch it in the same way.  Hesher was no longer Hesher.  It was Joe with long hair and being ultra badass.  I feel like I've just experienced first hand the beauty of unknown actors.

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