I edited an entire video in one sitting.  I'm gonna say it took me 3-4 hours.  Ahhhh, felt good.  But now I'm very tired.  And BEDA is keeping me awake!  When I need to get up in 4 hours.  Because tomorrow is gonna be soooooo busy.  Catching up on schoolwork.  That I neglected to do AGAIN.

I started today super late though.  Honestly didn't get going until 2pm.  And then Katie, my roommate, and I walked to the pancake joint.  And I don't even like pancakes.  But it was just one of those days when you say to yourself I need to inhale an exorbitant amount of food today.  I had the Elvis pancakes:  two gianormous fluffy monsters with peanut butter and bananas.  I ate about 2/3 of one.

Also, watching Andrew Bravener's video really sort of highlights conversations I've been having with a couple of people lately.  I'm even thinking about making a video response.  Because it's so true:  there are many days when I don't feel like I fit into this community anymore.  Which makes it really hard to motivate yourself to make things, even if only for yourself.  I get these crazy inspiration spurts about once in a blue moon.  And that blue moon just happened to be today.  But knowing my track record, the next time I post something could be months from now.  And I think a big part of that stems from YouTube having gone so "brandname" on me.

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  1. On inspiration and community,

    I feel you. There are a lot of times where I question if the school I chose was really the right choice, if a different community would and could foster a better environment for me. It's definitely a tough subject to think about and try to discuss.

    I really enjoyed your new video, I've recently started working with Avid/Final Cut and stuff for a Video Production class, we've been doing similar work, just not so introspective.

    Also, I really like the song you chose, I'm trying to figure how to write that simply and beautifully.


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