Man, crush week has been fail-whaling.  Harpooned.  Ah well.

I'm not sure if my rough draft for the last paper of my writing class is due tomorrow morning.  At 8am.  Not gonna miss that class.  Even though my teacher kinda looks like Rose from Doctor Who, but with a California twang.  But anyway, yeah, so at first I was like crap, it's 10pm.  Here I am again having to crank out three pages of something I've barely thought about.  But then I remembered that I think we are doing evaluations tomorrow and then a no-stress (her words) in-class essay.  I can hear Sanne scolding me across time and space and sense my roommate's premature wrath, but I'm just gonna set my alarm for 5:30am and write something then.  Tonight I'm treating myself to reading for me and then sleeeeeeep.

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