So it's my last week of classes of my first year at university.  And I'm still skipping astronomy to watch Doctor Who on Netflix instead.  I think it's a pretty good substitute.

I guess I'm happy it's over?  I dunno, I'm so out of touch with my feelings lately.  More than anything I'm amazed at how quickly it went by.  I cannot believe I've finished a year here.  In some ways, it still feels like camp.  I did smart camps in middle school & a bit in high school where I'd live at a university for a couple weeks, take "classes."  And that's how university feels like--like I've been at nerd camp for a really effing long time.  Except with fewer rules.  Like at nerd camp they would never let me skip astronomy this much.  I think the only reason I justify it is because I'm taking it pass/fail.  Still feel the need to redeem myself to my readers by saying I got a solid A on my film paper.  So yeah.  But who cares if you think I'm dumb?  I know I'm not.  I'm... okay, I'm gonna stop.

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  1. So jealous it's your last week. I have till June. Sigh. And of course you're not duuumb, you just have better priorities. xxx


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