Where did it hit?

At first I was like, oh shirt, I've been spelling Garfunkel wrong all this time and never realized it. Because an article I was reading for my paper on "The Sounds of Silence" had it written as "Garfunkle." Buuut I just double checked with Google, and I was definitely right the first time, so phew, good, dodged one bullet of shame.

A separate bullet of shame [okayyyy, cheesy transition, but I like cheese so it's cool] hit me pretty much square in the... face? On my leg? Tore through my spleen? Whenever I bring up spleens then I remember I don't really know where they are located and what they do. Now I have to Google, hold up.

According to mamashealth.com, the spleen creates lymphocytes for the destruction and recycling of old red-blood cells, is a blood reservoir, supplies the body with blood in emergencies such as a bad cut, and is also where white blood cells trap organisms.  Yeah, still don't really know what the hell a spleen is.  But hey, it's located in the upper area in the rib cage.

Where did the bullet of shame penetrate me, guys?  Lemme know in the comments.

This bullet was that I slept through my 8am writing class this morning.  Where I was supposed to bring in a rough draft of the paper due Tuesday.  But I didn't even bother writing it.  I just didn't make time for it before yesterday evening, and by the time I had finished the other mandatory stuff, I was in no right mind to crank out three pages.  Or maybe I was, but I had no energy to try.  But I did have the energy to skype with Sanne.  But there are very few times when I don't have the energy to do that :P  Still, I may get in trouble for skipping, participation penalized or something.  And that really bugged me when I woke up.  I did feel pretty terrible about that.  But I feel I've partially made up for my voluntary blunder by taking notes on my sources for four+ hours at the library.

It's so strange how unacademic I've been this semester.  Seeing as that had been my LIFE.  As in school is a really big frickin' deal to me.  As in it was impossible for me not to try, at least the bare minimum.  And now that I've been slacking off, I am missing being studious.  I think if I force myself out of my room and hang at the library more I'll be more inclined to, you know, do the homework so I don't fail the courses I'm paying so much money to be enrolled in.

A little something I wanted to bring up before I let you go is that I found out that ze is doing a replay and commentary of the show in honor of its 5 year anniversary.  I really recommend you check it out, especially if you are a fan of the vlogbrothers.  Just reading what ze has to say about himself and the process that went in to making the show has made me think about how I make my own videos.  I feel so rushed when I'm filming, like I just have to get it done as quickly impossible--realize and produce this image or idea before it leaves me.  But especially with my vlogs, now I'm wishing I took more time in front of the camera, do redo words and sentences and try out different things.  You'll see what I'm talking about here.  But honestly, for that I need an apartment to myself or that is empty whenever I need to get shit done.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about not being studious this semester I have to force myself to go to classes , for example yesterday I just ditched my 2:30 class, because some how I rationalized that since the exam is on tuesday nothing interesting or relevant will be covered, but then I felt guilty later. I try to understand why the change, but I just end up re-thinking my entire life plan, and whether I'm majoring in the right thing...ugh headaches!!


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