Are you ready to freak out?

My best friend Amanda left for uni recently and we had a final day together--which meant lunch at Petite Chou.  It's an Indianapolis restaurant with about seven different locations.  So I really don't want to consider it a chain.  And the food--so lush.  I honestly sit and stare at the menu for so long because everything is so appealing and I know it is all delicious.  Fresh ingredients, fancy coffees.  And it's "French."  Pretty much my kind of place.

Also the drive to the location I usually go to--it showcases my favorite aspects of Indiana:  blue skies dotted with fluffy clouds, expansive cornfields, empty back roads.  Love.

Usually I'm not one to sit outside, but it was actually not too terribly hot for once.  Indiana has been pretty sweltering this summer.  Still, I made Amanda switch seats with me so I would be in the shade #albino

I love the side salads they serve.  The dressing is always so light and sweet.  I could eat their salads for every meal.  Even though this is Amanda's plate, didn't stop me.  She ordered a croque monsieur.  I don't think she cared much for the gruyere cheese on top, but it's one of my favorites [minus the ham].

I ordered the egg and cheese crepe with swiss cheese.  SO YUM.  My French mother used to make this for me, and while this was not as good as hers, it was still crazy tasty.  I was planning to get some lovely shots of the yolk oozing out when I cut into it, but this puppy didn't last very long on my plate.

Oh shit.  Who dat?

Please notify your local authorities and border agencies that I am now platinum blonde.  Pretty sure that's what the old lady in the window behind me is getting up to do.


  1. I love your hair color! Did you do it yourself or go to a salon? I have been itching to go blonde for ages but haven't.

  2. Wish blogger had a better way of replying to comments--hope you see this! I went to a salon. I have a post I'm going to do in a couple of days all about it :]


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