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Hello my little darlings.  I'm in a very bloggy mood lately.  Mostly thanks to this blog--I've been very inspired by her.  So if my stuff starts to look similar... now you know.  No shame.

But anyway.  Like the vain person I am, I track my tags on tumblr.  Maybe once a month something pops up under marionhoney and the marion tag is pretty much strewn with photos of Marion Cotillard.  Which you know, is not an unpleasant sight to gaze upon.  Okay, back on topic here.  Pretty much someone posted one of my YouTube videos saying that they've missed me.  Yeah, well I've missed me too.  I've had an inordinate amount of free time lately--that lull between coming home from summer school in LA and going to London.  And I have not been able to edit video.  Because as discussed in a previous post, Polly crashes when interacting with video clips or Final Cut.  And over the past couple of weeks she's developed this ghost effect with my iSight camera when I Skype with people.  And now she can hardly even handle Skype video calls or streaming TV shows (coughCastlecough).  I pretty much came to the conclusion that I would just be inhibited in London so I dug into my savings and bought a new laptop.  The pocket book cries out at the reminder.

I really hope it arrives in time for me to make a video or two before I go!  I leave the 13th by the way.  And you can hush up if you're gonna give me that "unlucky number" bullshit.  Hush, I say!

What else, what else.  Oh right, I wanted to gush about Castle a bit.  As much as I miss Firefly, this show is super good.  Like it takes a lot to make me laugh, at least when it comes to television shows [I'm a calloused human being, deal widdit].  But I feel like every episode I find myself outwardly baha-ing.  Yes, a couple of the side actors bother me, but this gets made up by the amount of recognizable guest stars they have.  I feel like they've tapped into my past shows and brought in actors from those shows.  First, Espisito--yeah, he was Brad on Sabrina.  Blew my mind when I realized that.  And there's been Donna, Lane Kim, the dad from Even Stevens, Klaus Baudelaire, Shawn Hunter.  Of course now I'm forgetting a bunch of others.  But seriously, dude.  It's awesome seeing these familiar faces.  Okay, okay, I'm gonna stop gushing now.  FOR NOW.

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comments! I can imagine that someone misses your videos, I just saw your 'little moments' videos and I loved them! You should make more of them :)


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