The Lamp

I can't believe I'm about to start my fourth week of classes here in London.  I've forbidden myself to count the exact number of days, but I know that I only have roughly two months left here.  I tell myself that it will be nice to have Netflix again and not to have to hunt around google for movie links.  And I'll hopefully have Sundance in late January with Julia.  I may even take a screen acting class when I'm back in LA.  I was in the studio here last week, my professor and production partner were putting up some equipment in the back office.  The stage lights were blaring in my face.  I was milling about in the center of the room.  And I experienced a strange urge to twirl.  And so I did.  And as I came to a halt from spinning in circles, I looked out beyond the dust motes at those empty seats and I asked myself am I doing what I want?  Sometimes I forget how little of a realist I am.

In one of those early weeks I went to Camden market with Kayley.  I was on a mission to find a lamp, a box (for storing loose items / trinkets), and a makeup mirror for my desk.  I found the loveliest box which I'll have to include in another post because I haven't taken any pictures of it.  But I did find this lamp for 8 or 12 pounds -- can't remember the exact price.

They looked so lovely and warm in the store.  Handmade paper, constructed by hand.  However, I also had to put it together at home.  And an electric screwdriver is not something that made it into my carry-on from Americalands.  So there I was for about three hours that night trying to tighten screws into uncooperative wood with a penny.  The poor thing, all this time later is still sitting precariously on my desk.  If I accidentally brush by it, yeah, it topples over.  On the plus side, I guess I won't feel too terrible about leaving it behind.



    It's really pretty :) and I also like that you're reading your own blog in that picture.

  2. I love your blog, just fyi x


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