Life Goal: Cheshire Street

This is going to be a bit vomitous in terms of the multiplicity of content.  But I'm not going to apologize.  You will read the upchuck and you will enjoy it.

I woke up this morning at 8h20 [this will only make sense to one reader].  I left the house [I don't know why I typed that--I live in a room in a flat/hall] around 13h30.  I meant to leave before noon.  It takes me forever to get out the door.  Today's goal?  To plow through some reading at Brick Lane Coffee.  I found it on yelp over a week ago, and time kept passing and I kept not going.  I'm super glad I went.  Not only because it took me unknowingly down streets that I had walked with my mom when she was here that first week I arrived in the UK.  But also because it got me out of my room.  I'm a chronic homebody.  I just honestly enjoy bumming around my room:  laptop, book, learning dances.  Is it silly that I'm proud of myself for not caving in to my usual excuses?

I purchased the monthly tube pass and sometimes I'm concerned that I shouldn't have because I'm not using it as much as I did in my first couple weeks.  This brings on the eternal struggle:  do I walk for my health or do I tube for my wallet?  Compromise:  tube halfway, buy a screen protector for my camera [BECAUSE IN THE NL,  KHYAN REMOVED THE ONE I HAD] at the Whitechapel market, then walk to Brick Lane.  My route took me up Cheshire Street, which I had walked through once before with Kayley and Emma.  At some point in my life I want to rent a flat on that street.  It's so quiet and enclosed, but then also so close to the bustle of Brick Lane.  Notably I want to live across from the paper shop.  Many units are empty, with vintage clothing joints dotted in between.  There's a minuscule pub on one corner that's been closed whenever I've gone by--if I can't eventually go in, then I at least am going to go back with my camera.  I'll have books in the window.  And of course a cat [who will occasionally be in the window as well].  Naturally all of this is my imagination running wild.  But I'm stubborn enough to think that I can make this a reality.

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  1. That last picture is absolutely gorgeous. I am so jealous you are in London!


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