When I arrived in London almost a month ago (!), my mom flew with me.  As much as I take pride in my independence, I was very glad to have her.  The plane ride I could have done by myself, the moving into my flat I did do by myself, however dragging two gigantic suitcases up and down stairs at multiple tube stations--that would have been a nightmare without her.  So it sounds like that I brought along my mom for her upper body strength.  But we also were able to spend some time together.  Some good bonding went down.  And I only got outwardly annoyed with her when she left me waiting in the rain by the toilets at Windsor Castle.  And a little exasperated when she wanted us to go salsa dancing in the basement of a bar while we were out with Kayley and her mom.

I think my mom is one of the reasons I'm so strong.  I resented her a little when I was younger:  she never helped me with my homework, she left me on my own to figure things out.  I just always remember her working like a madwoman for her company.  The result?  I was a hard worker all throughout school and could always get my shit done without having to be told.  We both lucked out, really.  She's also ridiculously fearless.  At 5'2, she has an incredibly strong presence.  Nothing embarrasses her.  Nothing frightens her.  I think that's why I made it (for the most part) through so many moves as a kid, and now feel very confident when it comes to traveling or the prospect of settling in a new city.  I just sort of land and go.


  1. aaaah these pictures. and your videos! what lens do you have? i need a new one but i dont know which

    also....it's so interesting to read about you talking about your mom. I love my mom, but she is NOTHING like yours. for some reason it was cool to see how there isn't just one type of "good" mom. idk

  2. You look so fantastic blonde! So excited to read all about your adventures overseas.


  3. Your pictures are always so amazing!


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