j'ai vingt ans maintenant.

Getting older is scary as hell.  Being older is scary as hell.  But at least I continue to receive awesome presents.

This tunic / dress I received in a package from Anastasia.  It's from a boutique in Bloomington that we went to when I visited her late this past summer.

I bought the flowers for myself [because I know how to treat me real good].  I sent a letter to Marlous as a part of her letter writing project and she really outdid herself with what she sent back.  I considered it a present!  Look at all the beautiful vintage stamps she included!

This is gift number two of three from Anastasia.  Recognize it?  You know you have a good friend when she can foresee what wishlist items you will post to your blog.

Katie, my roommate from last year, sent me two letters.  One was this sarcastic-as-hell birthday card.  Because that always was and always will be our relationship.  And the other contained lengthy handwritten note.  Love!

The last of Anastasia's gifts--a pendant for a necklace.  I left my Deathly Hallows necklace at home so I was missing something like this in my wardrobe.  Know of any good, cheap place in London I can pick up a cord for it?


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