Champs-Élysées, Paris, France

Phase 1

Welcome to my office.  My office being a communal table at Apostrophe St. Paul's.  Today I am officially free.  Free of university stress until January.  And I can just enjoy my last couple days in London and do whatever I damn well please without a deadline hanging over my head.  It is wonderful.

Also get ready.  Get ready for the backlog of photos that have been waiting patiently until I had the head space to organize them and get them on this blog.  You are about to be bombarded with Paris.  Eight posts of Paris.

Our first day, rising out of the metro on an escalator.

Paris may have my favorite architecture.

This building was right across from our first meal.  A couple blocks off les Champs.

Brunch:  goat cheese on toasted baguette, all on a fresh bed of salad.  There's rarely a cheese I meet that I don't like, but man this stuff was strong even for me!

My travel buddy.

Les Champs-Élysées

French people being pretty.

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  1. So wonderful! I can't wait for more posts.


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