Phase 5

I have to include this one.  I'm sorry.  It's just too good not to be shared.

One thing I really appreciate about Sanne is that she is totally cool with handling directions.  She's great with a map and has an impeccable sense of direction (unlike someone we know).  Paris was undoubtably made all the more enjoyable because of her ability to navigate us easily around the city.  She'll read this eventually, so hey Sanne, this is me saying thank you!

I really love this shot.  I also really loved where we were staying.  This was a two minute walk from our front door.  The station that is.  So convenient.

I think this might have been the evening where we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower and later turned right back around because we would not be able to catch the last metro home.  Fail.  But a fun fail.  I freaking love public transportation in Europe.

This one didn't have lights :[  It looks more like something from the tube.

I want them to touch.  These triangles deserve love.

On this day we actually went to the Louvre.  Instead of just milling about outside.  And it was free the day we went AND we found the shortest line.  ALL OF THE WIN.

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