East London is nice.

If you haven't gathered this at this point or you are just joining us, I'm writing about what ever the hell I want while simultaneously cranking out my pictures from my semester in Europe.  I'm currently in Indiana at my parents' house and in a couple of days' time, I'll be in Los Angeles.  Where I go to university.  All clear?  Right, let's do this thing.

I meant to do a post like this ages ago.  As far back as the day I moved into accommodation at Queen Mary.  Now that I'm not there anymore, I feel comfortable to say that's the university I attended.  And I loved it.  But anyway, this is about people in London being nice.

On move-in day, my mom and I hauled two gigantic suitcases up and down stairs at tube stations.  I freak out more about having to perform this task beforehand than during the actual task of the lifting.  But we made it up the steps at Mile End.  Miraculously.  And we get to the East Gate of campus, are about half way to the crowd of people I assumed were the welcome-brigade, when a vehicle pulled up next to us.

I don't really want to call it a golf cart; it was bigger than that.  But it was not a full size work truck (lorrie) either.  But it had a bed in the back.  And the maintenance man who drove it offered to put my bag of bricks in the back and drive my mom and I right up to the door of my building.

It really touched me for some reason.  And shake that sentimental music out of your head.  I dunno, I just really appreciated this--especially when I was so nervous about moving in and meeting flatmates.  That nice gesture hasn't left me.

And then going home.  The same again.  This time I enlisted the help of a flatmate of mine.  She was sweet enough to go with me all the way to Heathrow.  Which from Mile End is quite the trip.  It's not awful.  Especially because we planned it so we switched lines at a station with elevators / no steps (Hammersmith).  But it's not gonna take you twenty minutes.

Going down the steps at Mile End I was offered help by TWO people.  Once before the ticket barriers and again for the set of stairs down to the platform.  I was just so overwhelmed and grateful for these people who took the time out of their day to help a little American with no upper body strength.

Oh, and on a side note, I'm not really sure how to reply to questions left in the comments.  Blogspot's reply system is sorta nonexistent without an extra code.  So in response to Sam, no I will not be doing summer courses again this year.  I'm going to try to get an internship though.

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  1. Wow! Queen Mary!
    I don't live too far from Stratford!
    What course did you study?


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