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I'm flying back to Los Angeles in a matter of days.  I'm going to be living in a university-owned apartment.  One bedroom, one roommate.  I'm actually sort of excited to decorate it, make it cozy, and whatnot.  Even though I'm only going to be there until the beginning of May.  I like making my spaces homey.

I only have three more semesters at university if all goes according to plan.  I would really like to live in downtown Los Angeles next fall, for my last year.  But I'm really not sure I can afford it.  I'm obsessively scouring craigslist for places that aren't on terribly sketchy blocks.  And telling myself that everything I'm looking at will be half-price if I have a roommate.  But then there's furniture.  One of the nice things about university-owned housing is that they provide furniture.  Granted it's ugly as hell, but that's one less thing you have to pay for and commit to.  Also if I'm not going to stay in LA after graduation, having a bunch of furniture to try to sell / cart home would be a royal pain in the ass.

Maybe I can try to get a roommate who already has furniture.  I have a couple of people that I would really like to live with, but one of them I'm worried she's been living on her own for so long and likes having that privacy that she would not be interested in having a roommate.  With some of the other people money would definitely be an issue.  Downtown is after all coming out of its jankdom and lofts are in higher demand.  And then some of my friends just don't care for downtown.  They're scared of it.  Or they'd just rather be close to the "pulse" of campus.

The solution for this is for me to get a job over the summer and save up.  And look for someone this semester who would like to live downtown and wouldn't drive me up the wall or vice versa.  Or I should just suck it up and bring up this prospect to all of my friends.

I would just really love to live in a flat downtown.  We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Are you planning on taking summer courses as well, this year?


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