A parlor in Edinburgh.

Marion's been rummaging around the old desktop, and Sanne complained about me not having posted in a while, and I have THREE assignments to do, and it's 10pm, and my classes start at 9am so let's get some pictures going!

That's right, you've just pictorially transflunged back to November 2011.  I'm pretty sure this first photo was taken the first morning in Edinburgh.  Sanne and I scored again with airbnb.  We shared a bedroom [and a bed, oooo0o0o0o get excited] in a lovely old apartment building.  Madame Dutchface seems quite up and at 'em at what was no doubt a god-awful early hour.  Marion's morning face:  not pictured.

Awesome coaster.

Can we discuss for a moment how much I lust over good crown molding?

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