London Playlist

I just found this.
London Playlist
The Scientist - Coldplay
She's Got Something - Greg Holden
You Mean Everything Tonight
Piano Instrumental from YouTube
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
Make a Man Out of You - from Mulan
one of the songs from Like Crazy
A Man's Gotta Do - from Dr. Horrible
Chesbutts Roasting on an Open Fire - Lex Croucher (currently unavailable everywhere)
So this is all a bit in the spirit of some of Kayley's blog posts.  I am writing this on the plane and the first song on this playlist came on, and I just heard so much of myself in London, and then other songs came to mind.  And here we are.  Another way for me to hold tight.

I'm gonna make some assumptive amendments:

You Mean Everything Tonight = Give Me Everything - Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo
Piano Instrumental from YouTube = Your Ex-Lover Is Dead - cleiph
one of the songs from Like Crazy = Arrivals N2 - Dustin O'Halloran

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