Grey skies

I've never particularly liked the sun.  There was a time when I was around twelve when I decided that even though I lived in Tennessee and all the cool kids were doing it, I didn't want to tan.  That is intentionally lay out in the sun to get darker.  It also helped that I didn't like bugs or being sweaty which was basically guaranteed when you left the comfort of the air conditioned indoors of the South.  Some of this decision also came from my dad being diagnosed with skin cancer when I was pretty young [hes' fine now].  He'd alway drill into me that I had to wear sunscreen because this was a predisposed thing in our family.  My ultimate solution:  just don't go outside.  Ever.  Avoid it as much as possible.  Which turned out to work very well with my personality.  Homebodies unite?!

I oh-so-intelligently chose to go to university in Los Angeles, sun capital of the U.S.  Like it's pretty much constantly sunny.  People get weirded out when it's overcast and flip all of the shits if it begins to sprinkle.  Another nuance of my "younger"days--and by younger you have to understand that I mean age 16-18 basically--I was super into that vampire guy.  Yup.  Just accept it and move on.  So that was another win for overcast skies.  Forks weather.  I still love me some grey skies.


  1. Oh, that vampire guy. I remember those days...

  2. There's something so nostalgic about rain. I can't quite put my finger on it...

  3. grey skies and hunter green pines - what my hometown is all about. once you spend a winter in estonia, (a small country in europe) you wish the grey skies wouldn't haunt you for a while. when the spring finally arrives, all you'd want to do is spend some time with the warmth the sun offers. our winters are -22 and cloudy, but sometimes, when it is really-really cold, (-30) the sky turns ice-blue and all is well for that day.


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