BEDA 01 | Gonna be frank with you.

Am I seriously doing BEDA?  Ugh, god, I don't want to do BEDA.  I mean, I knew it was April, but I completely forgot to make the connection that April also brings BEDA.  I would not even be here if Kayley hadn't posted something on my wall on Facebook.  Damn.

I can't see this being a very cheerful month of BEDA.  I've been making some decisions lately not of the greatest caliber.  And I am now dealing with the consequences.  So perhaps while this will be a noncheery BEDA, at least it will be an honest one.

For example, all the things I have to do.  Today I needed to film my last individual film for uni.  I've now put that off yet another day.  Instead I did the dishes for about three hours (there were a lot of dishes).  And I chatted with people on Skype and I got some new music recommendations.  Some of which I suppose I shall link below.  And then I videotaped myself dancing embarrassingly.  Yes, I am definitely a better dancer when the lights are OFF.  And then in less than two hours I agreed to sit in on a casting session.  When I should be doing preproduction for my own short film and working on my final script for screenwriting and memorizing my lines for tomorrow night's taping of my partner scene in acting class.

Marion's a bit in the stress zone.  And what's worse:  it's a self-induced stress zone.  Catch you darlings tomorrow.  Also leave your handholding condolences in the comments.

Days until final exam:  37


  1. I'm seeing Two Door Cinema Club in June and The Vaccines are great. Good luck on BEDA!

  2. You are the best and I have total faith in you. YOU CAN DOOO IT. <3


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