BEDA 02 | Brain Fuzz

I think my body is slowly shutting down.  How is it possible that my life has revved up to astronomical speeds within the last 24 hours?  I am honestly hurtling into... what the hell am I hurtling into?

*sips orange juice*

So I am still sick.  This is week three of being sick.  Although at this point it really just is a cough so I dunno if you can classify that as still full out sick.  But anyway, pretty much when I talk, it tickles something, and then triggers a coughing fit.

What else can I tell you?  I had a VERY interesting night last night.  cRyPtIc

And tomorrow will be turbo-charged with class from 9 to noon, then emergency filming of my roommate for my final individual film.  I'm gonna do a fashion profile on her and no one's really done anything documentary-style in my class this semester so hopefully that will be not only manageable, but something different.  That has to be ready to screen Wednesday at 9.  Oh lord, tomorrow is gonna be interesting.  And I also have another class from 6 to 10.  My postmodernism class.  I really love the professor in there, but I might have to skip to get my film done.  We'll see, we'll see.

Pretty much I am just a giant ball of stress with a promising future.  I have been dizzy all day because I have had zero appetite for the past 72 hours.  I love food.  We all know I love food.  But at the moment, everything is repulsing me.  I have to stay away from dairy because that can exacerbate my cold symptoms.  I don't really want bread or pasta or cereal.  So it's just been a lot of juice.  And some grapes.  At least today I was able to get down a decent sized salad.  Usually when I'm stressed, my appetite isn't affected or I'll possibly eat more.  But I think it's this way at the moment because it's not just academic stress but also life stress.

So I'm wobbly.  I was up until after 3am last night and woke up at quarter to seven.  Let's see, we have sleep deprivation and malnourishment.  Yep, I'm going to die.

But then I also had a really good talk with a professor today that gave me hope for... future life alterations.  And also in my film class today, we had an in-class casting session.  And I was a reader for one of the projects.  And everyone was complimenting me on my acting, saying I was making better adjustments than the auditioners.  It's always nice to hear when people want you casted for the part and you are not even eligible.  So I'm going to sum up my day and the coming ones as stress boxes sprinkled with ego boosters.

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