BEDA 06 | Say Yes

Right, so I've obviously fallen off the BEDA wagon a bit.  But in my defense, I haven't just been sitting around, complaining about not having anything to write out.  I've been out living.  Which is weird for me.  I don't mind sitting.  I actually really like sitting.  But there is some possibility that my life might be shifting around a bit.  Again.  Every day [six months] I'm shufflin', shufflin'.  Because of this, I've been trying to say yes to more things.  And those yeses have had me out of the house or at least off of my laptop.

Tonight I said yes to a concert.  Annie [non-internet, so I can't provide any links, soz] texted me around 4pm saying that she had been given tickets to a La Dispute concert and invited me.  I totally could have elected to stay at home and finished editing my derpinaMODE video and clean up the dishes and just tidy up the apartment in general.  I had to remind myself that I was trying to say yes to more things and this was definitely one of those things.  And I was still feeling the guilt twinge from turning down a party invitation from Annina, my roommate, the night before.

I had no idea who La Dispute was or any of the opening bands.  There was a lot of moshing and crowd surfing that I backed far away from because I have been told that that usually entails being kicked in the face, and I'm not the biggest fan of being kicked in the face.  While the music wasn't really my style and I definitely felt like one of the oldest people there [Jesus Christ, twenty years old and I feel like the oldest one at a concert?  It's all downhill from here.], it was super awesome to hang out with Annie.  And I really liked the second band, All Get Out.  Although searching them on iTunes now, I think they were much better live.  Maybe I need to give them a couple more listens.

Another thing:  I think I'm not really into concerts because I don't really know how to behave at them.  I usually wind up at concerts of artists whose songs I don't know.  So I can't sing along.  A lot of the time dancing isn't appropriate.  I find the whole nodding your head thing to feel unnatural and silly.  And I always seem to have issues deciding what to do with my hands.  Put them on my hips?  Cross my arms?  Hold my bag?  Link them in front of me?  Behind me?  WHAT TO I DO WITH MY LIMBS?  IT ALL FEELS WRONG.

I also accomplished a lot of daydreaming at this concert.  Thinking about friends.  Thinking about London.  My weird running dream last night.  How I really wish that I could just fill this room with a DJ playing my favorite dance-able songs and all of my favorite people.  Kind of like how Vidcon was. Except just my favorite people.  And some of my IRL friends sprinkled in there too.  And we'd all have this room and flashing lights and gin and tonic and just dance like the silly people we are.


  1. I feel quite the same about concerts. I successfully evaded going to a concert for my friend's nintendocore band for about a year and a half. By then of course the band broke up and its members moved away to college. I always feared the mosh pits, but try telling that to a guy in a nintendocore and he just laughs at you. Whatever, I am grateful not to be kicked in the head, either.

    Still, I often imagine going to concerts and plays and other city functions once I move to the Twin Cities this fall. By then I hope I can say yes to more things too.

    Also, I'm excited to watch you and Sanne on derpinaMODE! I like that you guys aren't taking yourself too seriously, yet are talking about something you enjoy.


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