BEDA 09 | Stuff that needs to be covered.

Mmmmmm guys, I just did that thing where you get out of the shower and slather your feet with foot cream and then put on socks.  I haven't done this in aaaaages.  Probably not since summer.  I'm ready for some ballin' feet come morning time.  Also I used the Burt's Bees stuff and it's wafting up in my face and it just smells really nice.

Stuff number... I guess this is two then.  I need to address the whole "can you talk about where you go to university / film school" question.  I get this question at least once a month various places on the internet:  here, tumblr, YouTube comments, etc.  If you're one of those people have asked that question, I want you to understand that I'm not mad or anything and I understand your curiosity, but I am not comfortable with flat out saying where I am going to university.  But hey, I'm graduating in a year [if I stay on this current path], and when I've got my diploma, I'd be happy to talk about where I went, my experience at film school, etc. etc.  It's just not something that I am going to hand out on the internet while I'm still here.  So that is that.  I'll probably still get asked by people who don't read my blog, but oh well.  And if you really that damn curious and can't wait a year, take me out for coffee IRL and I'll see what I can do.

Thing three:  I am so frakin' behind on my acting journals.  So I'm gonna do the one for tonight here.  Y'all ready for this?

Tonight's class was pretty quiet for me since we reviewed my scene last week.  With that said, I was surprised to find how much I really enjoy absorbing other people's reactions to their own work.  We discussed that if you take an acting workshop outside of a university setting, you'll often spend at least six weeks on a scene.  A lot of people seemed shocked that you'd spend that much time with one scene but it makes sense to me.  In fact, I think I'd want to work on a scene even longer than that.  But that's the perfectionist in me peaking through.

Another thing I wrote down which is obviously a crucial piece of information:  Leo doesn't have swag.  Only in acting class does one get the opportunity to debate whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio has swag.

What also struck me was the concept of coming in the door with the line.  You can see it on someone's face when they don't take in the environment they are walking into nor do they really take notice or shift their behavior when they see another person is present.  Staying on the theme of entering a room, I definitely need to incorporate the preparation of knowing where I have just come from and allow my body language to reflect what is on my mind.

When my acting professor breaks down all of these scenes, it makes me want to jump up, jump in and try to play all of these roles.  Try them out.  Apply these things she is bringing up while putting my own spin on it.  Goddamn, why is acting so fascinating?  I wish I could sit in on classes like tonight for the rest of my life.  I need to remind myself that I really enjoy getting to listen to these discussions and no matter how exhausted I feel, it is worth coming because those moments really fill me with some semblance of joy.

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