BEDA 03 | From the lab

My university really does have the most beautiful labs.  While it's not fantastic to be in them at 10:30 before your project is due the next morning at 9, they are still pretty damn gorgeous.  This is my last individual film project for my filmmaking class.  For the final assignment, I've scored the role of editor which I am so freaking excited about.  I don't think I've edited something that I wasn't also involved in some capacity with directing or filming so this will be a pretty awesome experience for me.

Import / Export.

I found a screenshot I took from one of my editing sessions.  This was from my second film?  For some reason I still find it amusing enough to share with you.

What is even going on in this picture?  Feel free to leave captions in the comments.

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  1. OBVIOUSLY you realized California doesn't have central heating because it never gets cold, so you needed to warm yourself over the stove.


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