BEDA28 | Little snooze cat.

Sometimes I stop for a moment.  What am I saying?  I never stop.  This a was a totally unique, first-time experience.  At least in this way.  And maybe it will happen again.  But I woke up from half a cat nap.  And I just froze for a moment.  I froze and I lay still.  On my stomach.  Phone in hands.  My eyes held open, glazing over.  And I shut down.  I shut off.  And in that tiny little moment I could feel the whirr of my body.  Little mechanical ticks.  Like I'm some sort of machine.  Some sort of living, breathing, functioning organism that propels itself forward.  That isn't just all mind.  My mind was gone.  And in the little moment I just was.  A little living, breathing, ticking thing.

And then I blinked and I was back.

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  1. And then you have to get back to the real world --- hate that feeling. i'm not sure if I do ever stop though. except when I just listen to music without doing anything else. that's the best.


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