Flashback Edinburgh III, hedgeburgh

So as a little explanation, I'm cleaning up my folders yet again on the laptop, and I have so many Europe photos.  I like having a place to put them besides the depths of iPhoto.  Where they will collect dust until I remember they exist and then have a good cry over them.  Also all of my travel photos have Sanne in them.  Because basically any time I went anywhere, she was my travel companion.  So all of the pictures of Sanne.  Sanne.  Sanne everywhere.  Will I ever escape this Sanne.

After this we have one more edition of Flashback Edinburgh.  And then I get to decide if I want to do a series on the Netherlands.  It's so funny because in all those pictures we (Sanne) are all buttoned up because it's winter.  And it's summer now.  But being in the Netherlands doesn't seem that long ago.  But then it does.  I dunno.  That elasticity of time.

I think I can narrate these a bit for you (me).  So Sanne and I were heading back down the mountain from Edinburgh Castle.  I love the tunneling effect at the end on the path.  The pink bag she is holding is full of candy.  We found an old fashioned candy shop earlier that day.  A kind of place that had glass jars lining the walls, all filled with different colored sweets.  Ahhh, remembering it makes me wish I had taken some pictures inside.  It was like stepping into fifty years ago.

See the railing where the hedges end?  That's where you get those distant shots of the city.  Super beautiful.  A couple of scenes from my Edinburgh video were taken from here.  Then lastly you have Greyfriars Kirkyard. During the day.  We did a ghost tour at night which scared the shit out of me, as Sanne can attest to.  I have a very low fear threshold.  Sanne on the other hand, nothing shakes that kid.  I think during the day we may have been searching for the Lily and James and other graves that Rowling used in the Potter books.

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