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Outfit of the Day | Zoofit!

Last week my friend Julia and I went to the zoo.  Because it's summer and what else are two twenty year olds to do.  Special thanks to her for taking these pictures and filming me.  As children inquisitively scuttled by.

Floral Top
Nicked this from my seventeen [?] year old sister's closet.  Also received a passive aggressive comment on one of the pictures about it when I posted it to Facebook.  Whooooops.

Pleated Maxi Skirt
from ASOS
I purchased this last August after seeing and falling in love with it through one of my favorite bloggers. That blogpost may be one of my favorites in the history of blogposts.  The way the wind catches the skirt on her.  Guh.  Love it.  I also have fond memories of sporting this skirt during a photoshoot in Hyde Park with Sanne and Lidewij.

Leather Ballet Flats
I've worn these flats to death.  But I love them because they are plain and no toe cleavage.  Yes, toe cleavage bothers me.  I don't know.  I remember the inspiration behind buying these coming from having seen a photo of Emma Watson wearing something similar while at Brown.  And I scoured the internet for dayyyyys trying to find what they were.  Yeesh, sometimes I get hung up on the stupidest things.

Faux Leather Yellow Bag
from Target
I've have this purse for yearrrrrs.  It was so cheap, doesn't look too terrible, and has held up pretty well. Well done, bag.

Check out the video here:  [lederp]


  1. You look absolutely beautiful Marion! :)

  2. that's funny, my friend and i went to the zoo yesterday and we are both 20 years old as well. going to the zoo is super fun!

  3. You are too, too pretty.
    Like really.
    It is not fair.

    PS: I have that same shirt. It's from Target a few years ago. You can always borrow mine, without having to worry about passive aggressive FB comments.

  4. i'm pretty sure you achieved the same flow-y awesomeness with that skirt as that blogger you linked to! :)

  5. Wow, you look a lot like Sarah Chalke! Love the skirt, so flowy.


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