Morning! So in typical Marion fashion, I have folders and folders of pictures sitting around that I need to decide whether or not I'm going to put out into the world.  My family life's been doing a bit of a shuffle over the past six months, and one of those changes has been my dad buying a house in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  He asked me to go up with him and my grandfather to see it so we three piled in the car one balmy July weekend and made the four hour drive up midwest highways.

Sitting in my largely empty, unfurnished room in my flat--I'm trying to make a connection here.  About both places being empty, but with the promise of potential.  About my dad and I both seeking out new starts and making them happen for ourselves.  And the difference I feel in my new place and how I felt watching him in his new place--and that's as far as I can describe it.


  1. Aw I love the house! It's so cute and already has a nice garden! BONUS. Also, I definitely get what you're talking about. This summer my mum moved from Texas (where I live) to England. So I helped her set up her small, 2 bedroom flat. Then, I came back to Texas to go back to Uni and move into a new apartment with my sister. So, I did the whole new-apartent set up thing again (obviously we had more stuff) but it was weird to think about how we were both in transition. Hers was a bit bigger, but it just felt like our lives were parallel even though I've moved out of the house. Serendipity? Connection? Idk

  2. His house looks lovely. That is the city where I grew up! I hope he enjoys his time there. I think it is a lovely city.


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