Lunch yesterday.

Wednesday is my day off from uni and I had an Argos order scheduled to be delivered to the flat so I stayed home all day with Sanne.  Which meant an excuse to remain in our jammie pants the entire day.  Pretty much every delivery guy has now seen me lookin' an absolute mess.  Great times.

Sadly our internet was down for most of the day.  I can't even remember what we did to kill the time.  I remember Sanne was editing some things, but what the hell did I get up to...  Anyway, once brunch time rolled around, we decided make something to eat together.  There was some approaching-stale walnut bread we had picked up from Tesco, and Sanne fried that up into some sort of savory French toast concoction.  Basically I think she dipped the slices in some egg and then put some cheese between them.  I was in charge of slicing tomatoes and washing rocket so I missed most to the steps that required effort.  The end result was super yummy regardless.

And I finally got a duvet!  No more shivering at night!  It's so fluffy and lovely.  The lamp was another Argos purchase.  And if you're wondering, my duvet cover / bedspread is from Tesco Direct.  I also recently got some storage items from Tiger--the best shop ever--hence the cotton bud cup shot.  And the mirror that's there I got at a charity shop with Kayley last month!

S'all from me for now!


  1. That circular leaf-holed lamp thingy is so beautiful! Ah, Just divine. And we (we?) love these little updates from you. Danke.

  2. This is off topic from the post, but whatever. Did you enjoy your time at Queen Mary more than your current school, or the opposite? My school offers study abroad programs to a lot of London schools and I'm trying to narrow my choices.

    1. Yes, Queen Mary was a really good school. They're really accommodating to study abroad kids too. I felt it was just as good as my US university.


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