7230 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46214, USA

Sushi Club, Indianapolis.

This is a bit of a summer throwback post.  When everything was still warm and America.

My friend Amanda alerted me to Sushi Club and insisted we go together while we were both home for the summer.  Also she went on and on about their all-you-can-eat nights which went for $20 per person.  With her and our friend Nolen, we finally made this happen, and man was it a bit of a weird experience.  First of all it's in the middle-of-nowhere area Indianapolis--in the wasteland just north of the airport.  Compounded on top of that, the restaurant space is a former Pizza Hut.  And if you're American and you've been to a Pizza Hut in the last ten years, you know that those spaces are duplicates of each other.  So it was kind of bizarre being inside a "redecorated" one.  All of this I found not negative, but rather hilarious.

So while the atmosphere was less than swank, the food was phenomenal.  I had vegetarian rolls, sweet potato rolls (so hard to find these usually), and multiple house and avocado salads.  Seeing as this took place months ago, I can't remember any of the non-vegetarian items Amanda and Nolen ordered so that giant plate of glory is a mystery.

I'm not sure if I ate $20 worth of sushi, but I would definitely return and recommend it.  I really want sushi now... But I'm in London.  In my room.  Very, very far away from sushi.  Another wasa cracker with hummus it is.

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