My granddad.

Back in the summer when I was in Indiana where my family lives, my grandfather asked me if I'd take a picture of him.  Because he had just joined Facebook.  And he needed an updated profile picture.

I'm still weirded out by anyone over the age of forty who wants to use Facebook.  I guess I'm agist.  Although what I did get out of this was getting to see some beautiful prints of Granddad from the past.  No one gets large glossy pictures made anymore.  Understandably because it's expensive and so much easier to organize digitally.  But just like the printed page, there's something so magical about the physicality of developed film.

My grandfather moved in with us when I was around fifteen so I got to spend a lot of time around him. It's a bit frightening when you can see genetics up close.  Inherited traits:
  • like to keep to ourselves (he is arguably reclusive)
  • quiet but talkative when comfortable
  • crappy eyesight
  • love for books and reading
  • anglophiles
  • affinity for bottled Starbucks frappucinos 
  • worrier / internalize problems
  • cat lover


  1. You took a great photo of him!
    I'm the youngest in my family, im only 27, but my sister is 44 (but looks and acts 30) so that's not too weird for me, though it is weird having a sister old enough to be my mom! I haven't any Grandparents left but I am really creeped out seeing my uncles making status updates about their life.

  2. Lovely photo! I love this. My granddad has already passed away, and my biggest regret about that is that I never got the chance to meet him as a grown up. From the stories I've heard about him from my dad, I think we would've really gotten along. I meet him in my dreams from time to time though.

  3. I love those photo's. Makes me wish I got to really know my grandfathers.


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