Thanksgiving Friday in London.

I've had a couple Thanksgiving away from home now.  Home in this case being my maternal grandmother's house in rural west Tennessee with all nine cousins and ten aunts and uncles.  My parents, sister, and I would pile in the car usually the day of and make the horrendous ~9 hour drive from Indianapolis.  Re:  things I don't miss.  But then in a sense also do.

This year was--it's strange to say--an adult year.  First off, the celebration was on the Friday evening after due to work and uni schedules.  But it was adult in that we had a bunch of people over to our flat for a potluck dinner.  And there were drinks and candles and no one over the age of 27 and none of us were related.  And all internet people.  Naturally.

Sanne and I spent the day making our two contributions:  deviled eggs and sweet potato casserole.  Kayley's mom had sent over some American marshmallows in a recent care package so we put them to good use on the latter, as is tradition in my house.  And the deviled eggs were a massive success as well (and not just with me).

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