Night Drive.

One of the reasons why London is my favorite place in the world is because of the way it moves.  And more specifically my relationship to this movement.  It's pretty goddamn easy to get about anywhere on public transport here.  And growing up in the US, this is something I'm in awe of--the accessibility of this city.  I spent years being a slave to the automobile, whether in suburban/rural Indiana or the vehicular hell that is Los Angeles.  This is probably why London's always felt like one of the most freeing cities for me.  Also you can walk.  Which, granted, is a tenet of cities rather than London itself.  But you can't walk in LA.  I tried.  Trust me.

It felt so wrong to see London from the passenger seat of a car.  Sacrilegious in a way.  Like I was cheating something.  But when my friend offered me the nighttime adventure, I mean really, like I'd turn this down to not violate constructed perceptions.

Also we found a McDonald's drive-thru and got a McFlurry and cheese dippers.  Win.

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  1. This makes me miss London so bad. The photos are lovely by the way


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