August NL04: Patat en Austen.

Welcome back to the realm of summer-pictures-from-the-Netherlands.  As it is February, I was debating whether or not to just move these into the archives on my laptop rather than drag out irrelevant snapshots.  But then my blog really has become my personal photo album.  So here we ago again.  It wouldn't be a marionhoney blog post if I wasn't posting holiday/travel photos from six months ago.

My records tell me that this was my second day in the Netherlands.  My memory tells me that I quasi-successfully cycled into town with Sanne where we picked up the deliciousness that is patat(s?) for dinner.  This was also the day that Sanne brought mayonaise and apple sauce with fries to my attention.  I was weirded out by the concept at first, especially regarding the latter condiment.  But I've been hooked since this fateful evening.

So here we have Dutch fries, a lovely fresh salad, a kaas soufflé (fried cheese soufflé I MISS YOU), and some rosé.  Then dessert, a personal plate of Dutch cookies and some strawberries.  All enjoyed in Sanne's living room while watching (for the first time for me) Lost In Austen.  The.  Life.

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