August NL06: The Moses Bridge.

This was one of our designated adventure days.  Sanne had seen a tumblr post on this thing called the Moses Bridge, which we found, after a train and a bus or two, was in Middle-of-Fucking-Nowhere, The Netherlands.  Sometimes also called Bergen op Zoom / Fort de Roovere.  Oh, Dutch.  You so silly with your zooooooms and your root beer fortifications.

Anyway, the bridge and its environment were beautiful albeit sweltering hot in August.  Said blistering temperature I wouldn't mind five minutes of in the current dead of February.  One of Sanne's videos had some footage of us there, and there's that final Netherlands color video that I never put up...

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  1. loooooove these posts. that bridge looks nutz. hope you find time to put up that other netherlands colour video : )


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