How my days are weird and avoiding university reading.

It's Monday.  And today I went with Sanne to Island Gardens to be an extra in TimH's next leapfrog video.  There are two previous ones of this series which you can watch here and here, and Tim's recent sketch with Jack Howard is possibly one of my favorite videos of his, and you should watch it so I've embedded it below for you.

I don't know why it's weird for me.  That I went and sat in a church and chatted with people between takes.  Sometimes I'm the absolute worst at imagining myself complexly.  I forget that I'm an actual person and am able to talk and interact with others.  It sounds small, but that is something to be proud of really, if you think about it.

God, what am I even saying what.

Anyway, so I got to clap for three hours, and here's to hoping any reaction inserts of me don't make it in the final edit because I'm sure I look like a goofball.  Instead of getting lunch with everyone, Sanne and I wandered around Greenwich.  Oh my goodness, I just remembered I bought the M&S equivalent of Cheetos, thank you, past me.  We had some pretty kickass avocado maki sushi at a joint we blundered into called Ajiichiban.  Also the tomato dressing on the mixed salad--get it.  Then Starbucks, then dropping some things off at uni, and, since I finally have a little bit of money again, stocking up with sustenance at Sainsburys.  And forgetting to use my coupons because the inevitable line that builds up at self-checkout makes me stupidly anxious, flustered, and blushy.

And I texted people about stumbling into places in which they had been.  And I watched the 1961 West Side Story and really, really enjoying it.  I'm pretty sure Sanne dozed off at the end while I was choking back a couple tears.  Good job, movie.  Pat on the back.  Right, I'm off then.  I have to read for tomorrow's seminar.  You watch Tim's video, alright?

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