Howdy, y'all.  So I spent the better part of two hours this afternoon doing some sprucing up of the old blog here.  Mostly it included updating some of the sidebar "currently" sections, but also extensively revamping the Screened page, which you can navigate to at the top or just click here.  It is completely up to date with all the films I have watched since 2013.  Yes, that's not a typo.  Sometimes I watch two films a day.  Also since I'm studying film at university, films are often screened after lectures.  Still, I've been watching films at a personally unprecedented rate.

Anyway, I thought that if you were looking for something to watch, you might get some ideas from there.  Clicking on them should link you to the IMDB page.  And I encourage you to check your library, Netflix/LoveFilm, or your friends' collections before throwing it in Google for a streaming link. Just something I'm trying to be more conscious of.

And what you're looking at here?  Well it's my room the day I moved into the flat.  This was the first trip of bringing items from my sublet to the flat.  And the yellow walls.  Oh the awful yellow walls that plagued the entire flat when we arrived.  Immortalized in these photos.  A room tour is on my to-make video list, so this'll serve as my "before" marker.


  1. Ah, so cool, I will definitely be checking out your movie reviews! Also, I love the color of your wall.

  2. hello! sometimes i notice that your blog posts don't get many comments and i know that can sometimes feel like no one's reading, so i'm saying hi today to tell you that yours is one of my favourite blogs. keep posting wonderful things! x


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