August NL09: S'long nederlands.

--You walk these streets
laid out by the insane, past hotels
that didn't last, bars that did,--
--the tortured try
of local drivers to accelerate their lives.

This was one of my final days in the Netherlands which makes this the final batch of photos from my ten day summer stay.  Hope you guys have enjoyed reliving it alongside me.  I'm really, really crap at cycling.  Well.  Not so much "crap" as unconfident and anxious at the prospect of and when doing so.

We biked into town to meet up with one of Sanne's friends since it was her birthday.  And we got Dutch pancakes.  This is mushroom and cheese.  I KNOW.  I.  KNOW.  It tasted as good as it looks.

Then some beach group selfies because of reasons.  All hail Sanne's wide angle lens.

Sunsets and dropped sunnies.

And much of this can be viewed in motion in the end bits of this:


  1. This is so lovely :) You are so lucky to travel so much!

  2. All hail Sanne's wide angle lens indeed.
    Gorgeous photos, as usual!
    hahaha, I know exactly what you mean by 'crap' as in inexperienced and thus anxious when biking. I'm like that. That's why when I used to bike, I never ventured further than my little corner of the street. And now I choose not to cycle.
    Strangely though, I get envious as I admire those cyclists in London. Seriously.. the traffic is nuts there and yet they are all so sauve.. If only,huh..

  3. Marion, hello, I was also just wondering, do you allow other people to use your photographs?

    1. I never really thought that people would want to until I got a message this past week that my bandwidth had maxed out. So I guess it's happening already. Though I have no clue the hell where. Ideally, I'd like people to let me know/send me a link, but at the very least I want people to link back to the post they originally came from.

  4. I love blog posts like this, where it isn't so much a massive block of text, but instead, the majority of the story is told in images. Re-reading that, though, it makes me sound like I prefer movies to books. I guess it's just because you're visiting these fantastically beautiful places and it's more of an experience to see an image of a sunset rather than to have it described. I dunno, it makes sense in my head.

  5. oh my. just been looking back on these posts.
    i thought the photos were pretty first time round but looking at it again, the second to last photo is phenomenal. feels like a hole's bursting through my frustrated soul or something.


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