Beauty and the Brain

So if you found yourself wiping tears at the prospect of not getting to look at outdated photographs of my life happenings, I'm here to reassure you.  Come my darling, let us venture back to November where I somehow found myself at a beauty blogger event in the heart of London.  My flatmate Kayley alerted me and Sanne to it.  Though none of us really had any idea what it entailed besides hearing one of our favorite fashion YouTubers, Rhiannon, speak on a panel.

I remember there being a surplus of fashionable people in attendance, but the Q&A quickly turned into a lot of people from companies asking about the business approach to beauty blogging which was kind of a drag.  Here's me studiously prepped to take notes.

Refreshments included champagne and cupcakes.

What kind of disappointed me about the event was it seemed to be advertised as a mixer event, but no one was really talking to each other.  The exception to this was Julia!  We got to chatting with her and found out she was an American studying in the UK as well. 

I leave you with the derpinamode crew doing what they do best.


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    1. It's still about the same, anonymousKayley.

  2. That seems so fun! I love your photos.


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