BEDA catchall.

So I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there have been a lot of posts here on the old blog lately.  Flipping back through, one might even notice they've been, oh, every day.  I didn't want to announce that I was doing Blog Every Day in April because I understand that some are turned off by it (I can be), and I felt it also would have put extra pressure on me.  Not that there haven't been nights where I'm scrambling around at 11pm trying to get something together.

But I'm halfway through and have been doing pretty well.  Thanks mostly to my photo backlog.

Today's kind of a weird amalgam of bits.

For example, this morning I was telling my flatmate Rosi about the dream I'd had last night and how it involved bloodthirsty sharks.  Which reminded me of all those B-movie / straight to DVD or television films about sharks escaping inside submarines I watched on cable when I was a kid.  Which brought me to this.  And I was tempted to make a blog series of myself going through all these terrible movies as a film student.  Still haven't completely written off this idea...

And the starting photo?  I took it before I toted my poor little iHome to the electronics recycling bin.  I could never get it to work again no matter what cord or converter I used.  Rest in peace, my darling.  I'm convinced your sound quality was better than the replacement I got from John Lewis.

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