Currently stuck in my head.

I made a New Years playlist on my Spotify because I was concerned the party I was going to was going to be lacking in enough good, jumpy dance music.  And the host had mentioned something about people being able to dj.  I never ended up making that intervention, and completely forgot about the playlist until getting ready for the day yesterday morning.  Estelle's "American Boy" was in there and its chorus hasn't left my head since.

I've also been listening to a lot of Jay-Z and Kanye lately.  On many an occasion, Rosi and I have gushed how flawless Watch the Throne is as an album.  Really, if you're looking to try out his music, start with that.  Sweet Jesus, we made it in Americaaaaaa.

I take no responsibility for the broken record that will become your head if you press play on either of these.

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