She made it in America.

I'm writing this in between responding to comments on my newest derpinamode video.  I dressed up a couple weeks back to see Gatsby, and Sanne and Rosianna make a little cameo.

Also I'm back in America.  Don't freak out.  Not for long.  I'm here for a little less than three weeks to visit my family and see some friends in LA.  Right now I'm in my mom's house in Indiana.  Where I didn't grow up.  She moved into this place after I was already at uni.  So "my bedroom" here feels weird.  More of a guest room, you know.  But I also didn't live in Indiana for more than three years.  So I've never really had that childhood bedroom thing.

But yeah, I'm going to try to blog my time in the US.  Because I haven't been here since August.  And things do feel... foreign.  I'm sort of mentally trapped between two cultures and which one should be normal.  For example, all the rooms in my mom's house--they feel gigantic.  I mean, they are pretty fucking big even by normal standards.  And my flat in London is a decent size.  But it's just like... the hallways here are larger.  I described it to a friend as emptiness, but not necessarily in a negative way.

I'm fighting the jetlag pretty well.  I stayed up all of Sunday night so I would sleep on my Monday flight.  Which proved to be... kind of stupid.  I mostly just felt ruddy cheeked and woozy from sleep deprivation.  But I got to order my first alcoholic beverage on the flight!  To put me to sleep.  Also, another thing--this is the first I've been in the US as a 21 year old.  Yeahhhhh, margs with mammy.

I would also like to highly recommend requesting the vegan meal if you are flying Delta.  Because it was fucking delicious.  Some kind of tofu curry with rice and tomato and oh my god.  What's the deal with me enjoying airplane food.

American things consumed:  Izze soda, Pepperidge Farm soft cookies.


  1. the veggie/vegan option on planes is often way nicer because aeroplane meat is disgusting (went full veggie about a year ago)

  2. I know how you feel, about your room not really feeling like your room. My family just moved to Chicago from NY about a year ago, so this is my first summer in this new house.

  3. I know how you feel about your room not feeling like your room. My family just moved to Chicago from NY about a year ago, so this is my first summer in this house.

  4. Would love to read some blogs about your time in America, have fun there! I kind of feel like an idiot but i'm jealous because America has revlon, and cheap. Im pathetic. X

    1. Definitely went cray at bought way too much cheap makeup. Including Revlon stuff. Woops.


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