WB Studio Tour London

A quick trip to Hogwarts.



Nothing feels quite as Christmassy as hanging out at Hogwarts. Though these photos were taken in the dead of summer (thank you, Sanne, for hooking me up as your +1!) at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. It was my second visit there and I still feel like I could go more. Photograph more. See something I never noticed before. Dumbledore's office is my favourite bit but it is so difficult to photograph in a way that does it justice. Anyway, I thought why not spread some cheer by sharing these photographic goodies. The butterbeer, by the way? Gross.

Oh and Pottermore sorted me as a Ravenclaw but I'm pretty sure I'm Slytherin at heart. What house are you in? Happy holidays!

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  1. Pottermore sorted me as Slytherin and it changed my life. Jokes, but I hadn't honestly thought about it before that. In the end, I feel like it's accurate. I'm pretty ambitious??

    I loved these photos and I know how difficult it was to get photos of some of the exhibits. The lighting was extra weird in some of them (but perfect when you're there and trying to live it). I definitely agree about Dumbledore's office though! SO PERFECT. I wanted to get lost in that pensieve. Happy holidays, Marion!


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