Little diddy.

My head lulls up and down, and I lean back into the plush seat.  The rumble has us all shaking slightly, and I would be more if I wasn't completely exhausted.  I go right to the window.  It's chill radiates through my skull and the vibrations have me back in the center after twenty seconds.  To the left.  To you.  To your shoulder.  I'm conscious of it.  And then again I'm not.  Because I've never needed sleep more.  To grit my eyes tight, set my jaw.  And pretend that this isn't happening.  That this hasn't happened.  That only part of this happened.  And I'm just filling in the rest as I see fit.  I don't want to face you when I finally recoup the energy to sit up.  If you're okay, I'm just going to stay here for a while.

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