The Best Store on Cheshire Street

Cheshire Street is right off Brick Lane. For some reason, I walked down it many times whilst living in London. This shop always stood out to me.

The location is perfect.  Tucked away on a quiet street.

I never went inside the store. It felt more like an artist's studio. Like I would have been intruding on someone's private space. Someone's home. Most days there was a metal rack stationed outside with vintage paper and notebooks. I loved the entire atheistic of the place, but I never looked at any of the prices so I'm not sure if it was affordable or inconceivably outrageous.

Paper and maps and trunks and fabrics and prints. I loved passing by this minuscule little shop. I still daydream of living across the street. With a row of books and a cat on the windowsill.


  1. that shop seems pretty perfect! and the idea that you didn't go in because of the personal feeling is pretty true with me and some shops too. i feel like going in would also taint my image of the shop--like it's so perfect when i'm on the outside looking in, so it might just turn into "another shop" if i enter.

  2. I was all like: Who is that person, LOL?!. And then I realised it was me.

  3. It has the feeling of an old fashioned store where the owner gets stuff in specially for the buyer. Nice and homely.

    Beautiful photos.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to visit it sometime. I agree, it does remind me of an artist's studio. I wish me studio looked this wonderful. :)


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