Our sad little student oven.

Annina, my roommate, is from Switzerland and on an exchange semester at my university.  God, I score the best roommates.  She made a huge dish of this stuff called Älplermagronen.  She explained it to me as something Swiss people will have when they go to the mountains to warm up after a long hard day of skiing and remaining neutral on all worldly affairs.  Or it might just be one of those things — possible that I may be artistically paraphrasing somewhere back there.

Will you please look at this bad boy?  Holy hell, this may just be my new favorite food.  Can we also just talk about how I seem to attract international friends that will cook for me?  Someone up there is smiling down on me.

Why is this dish so effing awesome?  Well, because it has all the best things.  It's got your noodles, your melt-in-your-mouth potatoes, so much frakin' cheese, and, to top it all off, sautéed and then crisped-to-perfection onions.  I usually don't like onions, but man it just works so well. 

Annina also said that it's traditionally eaten with chilled apple sauce, and I can definitely vouch that dipping a forkful in that tasted divine.  Pretty much entered a food coma at this point.

The two of us sprawled out on the couch and ate dinner while watching Super 8 on my laptop.  I really love quiet nights in like this.


  1. nights in are awesome. and also im gonna try making that now!!!

  2. I was wondering, what school do you go to in California for film?

  3. This seriously sounds like a wonderful night. Being able to just stay inside with someone you enjoy being around and watching a good quality film (Super 8 is one of my favorites) is such a nice things to do.


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