Los Angeles, CA, USA


So I've been missing the blog thing lately.  And I have such a backlog of pictures.  Let's see if I can resurrect this puppy from its slumber!

These pictures are from back in, gosh I guess it was in February.  The hacking of my hair.  My former roommate and good friend Katie drove me to the salon which was in a work/live loft on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles.  How do I come up with these things.  Oh right, spending a stupid amount of time on Yelp whenever I wanted my hair done in LA.  Jenni was incredibly professional and had the most stunning personal style – I couldn't not feel comfortable with whatever she decided to do with my head.


  1. I wish I could just go to some hair salon (which I've NEVER been to but gets good reviews and such) and just tell the best hair stylist "Make me look good". Like anything goes--dye, cut, perm, highlights--anything. Because I'm a hair virgin. The only thing I've done to it is cut/trim it.

  2. I think I miss your long hair but you are definitely working the short hair as well.... not too many people can look so lovely with that cut!


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