Plane clothes for an international flight.


My head's doing this thing where it feels really heavy.  I feel like I can relate to infants right now.  How they can't support the weight of their own heads.  That's how mine feels.  Heavy.  Like if I'm not careful, it could loll back at any moment.  Like I'm straining some muscles, or newly aware of the muscles that keep my head upright.  It's a dull sort of pull at the back of my neck where it meets my head.  And I know what's it's telling me.  It's telling me to sleep sleep sleeeeep.

And I would love to sleep.  But I can't help but wonder that if I stay awake at least through my flight to Boston, will I be able to sleep completely through the eight hour flight to Amsterdam?  And if I did that, would it negate a significant amount of jet lag.  I'm not sure.  It kind of makes sense.  But I haven't tried to count it out or anything.

I have a three hour layover in Boston.  Not looking forward to that.  Indy is amazing outlet wise.  And I have a feeling I'm going to want to charge up in Boston and there's gonna be nada.  And I'm gonna have to keep myself awake by blasting some Childish Gambino into my earbuds.

This is the outfit I am wearing right now.  I thought it'd be kind of fun to show you what I would wear on the plane.  I want to be as comfy as possible.  I'm one of those passengers that curls up in their seat and leans against the window.  Knees hugged to chest.  The most conducive clothes for this?  Soffe shorts and some tights to keep your legs cozy.  A soft H&M tee, and if you're less of a space cadet than me--an extra jumper in case your arms get cold on the flight (I'm gonna walk off the plane an icicle).  My boots aren't exactly comfy, but I usually take my shoes off and these are ones that I didn't wanted to get squashed in my checked luggage.

Also as a side note, this was after I had my makeup done at Sephora.  I really loved what they did, and I'll hopefully have a more detailed post about that soon.

Soffe shorts
Zara tights
Sam Edelman Pax boots
H&M top


  1. Marion, I find you very inspiring.

  2. I love the makeup & your hair looks really good too. omigosh i basically create a little nest when i travel, with comfy things galore!

  3. you look amazing, as always, and those boots are gorgeous. i just love the way you write, i think if you just wrote a novel of random thoughts then i'd read it and probably enjoy it way too much. that sounds creepy so uh sorry. xx

  4. Salut Marion, c'est Marion hahaha ! J'adore ton blog ainsi que tes vidéos YT, j'aime beaucoup ta personnalité.. Et j'adooooore tes chaussures au passage. xx from France ;)


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